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Holidays Hustle Begins: DFW Prepared for Busy Winter Holiday Travel Season

新闻图片 Dallas 沃斯堡 International Airport (DFW) is ready for what’s expected to be among the busiest winter holiday travel seasons in the airport’s nearly 50-year history.

This season, DFW is expecting to welcome 2.11月至11月期间的900万客户. 11月16日及11月. 28 for the Thanksgiving travel period. The busiest days for the travel period are projected to be Sunday, Nov. 26, with more than 249,000 customers expected, Sunday, Nov. 19, with more than 241,000 customers expected.

For the winter holiday period, DFW is expecting 4.5 million customers to travel through the airport between Dec. 1月14日. 2. The busiest days are projected to be Friday, Dec. 22, with more than 245,000 customers, Friday, Dec. 15, with more than 243,000, Thursday, Dec. 21, with more than 241,000 customers expected.

结果是7.4 million customers that DFW Airport will be prepared to warmly welcome during these two holiday travel periods. 这是6.4 percent higher compared to the same travel periods last year.

“DFW Airport is eager 和 ready to greet our Thanksgiving 和 winter holiday customers. As we demonstrated over the summer – which was the busiest on record – we have an efficient 和 helpful staff that will focus on providing an exceptional experience for our guests,肯·布坎南说, Executive Vice President of Customer Experience 和 Revenue Management. “Travelers should be prepared for the holiday rush by visiting the DFW Airport 网站 or by downloading our mobile app before they head to the airport, planning their parking ahead of time 和 checking security wait times before leaving for the airport.”

Though the terminals will be bustling, DFW is committed to surprising 和 delighting its customers so they can enjoy holiday entertainment while awaiting their flights. Each Friday in December will be Festive Fridays, which will feature live local musical groups 和 local artists inside the terminals. Travelers can find detailed performance times 和 locations on DFW’s official social media channels.

With the increase in holiday traffic, customers should arrive at least two hours before their flight to provide ample time to park, 检查, 明确安全, 到达他们的大门.

The best tools to navigate DFW Airport are the airport’s app 和 网站. 从网站上,你可以看到 停车场占用率 to determine the best parking option to use, you can 提前预定 你的停车也一样. Travelers are encouraged to make their parking plans early as 提前预定ed parking is expected to sell out quickly, 尤其是在旅游高峰期. If you are traveling over the winter holiday, you can earn more savings the earlier you book. When it comes to parking, the garages at 终端s C 和 D tend to fill up faster than other garages. 如果C和D车库满了, those flying American 航空公司 can park, 检查, 检查他们的行李, go through security in either 终端s A or B to expedite their time at DFW. 一旦通过安检, the Skylink train can connect customers to all five terminals so they can get to their departure gate within minutes. 移动应用程序也可以让你查看 TSA等待时间. This will show you how long it will take to clear through TSA, w在这里 the TSA Checkpoints 和 TSA PreCheck are located.

DFW is beginning a number of construction projects as part of its modernization of 终端 C 和 improved infrastructure throughout the Central 终端 Area. Guests should be aware of ongoing work at 终端s C 和 D. A project to upgrade checked baggage equipment in the 终端 D south lobby has temporarily relocated the check-in counters for some of DFW’s international airlines. For more information on this project, please click 在这里. 另一个项目12月开始. 4 will impact part of the lower-level roadway at 终端 C, as a portion of the curb will be closed in preparation for construction work at 终端 C 和 in the 终端 C garage. Customers who park in the lower level of 终端 C should follow signage that will help navigate into the terminal.

最后, customers should always check with their airline on the latest status of their flight before beginning their journey to DFW.

About Dallas 沃斯堡 International Airport:

Dallas 沃斯堡 International Airport (DFW) is one of the world’s busiest 和 most connected airports. Centered between its owner cities of Dallas 和 沃斯堡, 德州, it serves as a major economic engine generating jobs 和 attracting businesses. DFW is committed to providing exceptional customer service 和 has been named the best large airport for customer satisfaction in North America by Airports Council International. 可持续发展的领导者, DFW is the world’s largest 和 North America’s first carbon-neutral airport. For more information, visit the DFW 网站 或下载DFW移动应用程式 iOS安卓 设备.

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